The Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity (ISIC) is a members-only library which contains an in-depth collection of material on Christian-Muslim relations, Theology and the history of religions.  The main aim of the Library is to support academic research in the field of theology in partnership with GILD and OCRPL.  It provides, equips and resources academics and those with a particular interest in the Library‚Äôs collections.

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Book Resources

Book Resources for participants of the Consultation on Theological Education which took place at the end of 2021 at AACC.

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The Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life is a research and training centre which exists to equip public intellectuals, analysts and professionals to recognize and value the contributions of religion to public life.

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The Shepherd’s Academy

TSA is the undergraduate department of the Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life (OCRPL). We work with local training institutions and churches to offer accessible and affordable Certificate, Diploma, and Bachelors programmes designed specifically for grassroots church leaders. We also provide courses for lay people and specialised programmes for those wishing to enhance their existing ministry training.

Our courses equip learners to engage practically with their local church and community context.

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Barnabas Today

Barnabas Today grew out of the experience of churches in the global south as a result of the Covid-19 lockdowns in late Spring and early Summer. The Pandemic and the accompanying lockdowns have left marginalized communities facing great hardship and deprivation. And yet, there are stories of hope and spiritual resilience.

Barnabas Today is a repository of spiritual resources from the Global South. Our vision is to share stories of hope and resilience and amplify the voices and wisdom of the suffering church. Besides theological, spiritual, and educational content, the website will carry news that matters to the Global South.

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