GILD Charter


      1.1 GILD is an acronym for Global Institute for Leadership Development and shall forthwith be the collective name of the intended body that seeks to coordinate and channel a worldwide network of theological institutions and individuals, which institutions and / or individuals operate mainly on, but not limited to, post-secondary education.

      1.2 GILD furthermore seeks to assist the Church, universally, by developing and empowering leaders through the provision of theological education.

      1.3 GILD seeks to create and facilitate further education, specifically for the development of leadership in the Church, through the creation and maintenance of an online distancelearning platform that will make accessible, necessary resources to all participating members.

      1.4 This charter seeks to provide a body of substantive and formative principles that aim to bring about the fulfilment of the broad ideals stated in paragraph 1.1 and 1.2 above.

      1.5 In this Charter, any words purporting to be male shall, together with any necessary conforming changes, refer to the female as well and vice versa. Reference to words in the singular shall also have reference to such words in plural and vice versa.

      1.6 Words in this Charter are to be assigned their normal meaning, unless the context indicates otherwise.



      2.1 GILD is guided by the values based on the Triune God as contained in both the Old and the New Testaments and maintains that through the stated efforts embodied in this charter, Christian leadership and the Body of Christ is an instrument of God’s mission in this world.

      2.2 The Mission & Value Statement annexed to this Charter, and forming part of this Charter, sets out a detailed list of principles and directives which are to guide every facet of decision and policy making in GILD, to the extent that it is possible and expedient to do so.

      2.3 While acknowledging that cultural and ethnical differences have resulted in division and suffering, GILD believes that its members are united in Christ, who is the head of the Church, and that Christ has transformed such diversity into a strength and source of creativity.

      2.4 GILD respects the theological autonomy of individual members, acknowledges the contributions of each member and as such cherishes collegiality, mutual respect, understanding, assistance, humility and openness in the interaction between members.

      2.5 As guided by the Mission & Value Statement, GILD shall at all times seek to be inclusive by promoting cooperation with other individuals, organisations, agencies and institutions (formal and informal) to the extent that such individuals, organisations, agencies and institutions (formal and informal) share in the principles contained in the Mission & Value Statement, and who are active in related fields.

      2.6 Resources entrusted to GILD will be used in a transparent and accountable manner.


    GILD believes:

      3.1 in the sovereignty and grace of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit in creation, providence, redemption and final judgment;

      3.2 in the divine inspiration of the Holy Scripture and its consequent, entire trustworthiness and supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct;

      3.3 that human beings are made in the image of God and are created to love, serve, worship and enjoy God and are entrusted with stewardship of God’s creation;

      3.4 in the universal sinfulness and guilt of humanity, making people subject to God’s wrath and condemnation;

      3.5 in the justification of the sinner solely by the grace of God through faith in Christ crucified and risen from the dead;

      3.6 in the illuminating, regenerating, indwelling, sanctifying and empowering work of God the Holy Spirit;

      3.7 in the priesthood of all believers, who form the universal Church, the body of which Christ is the Head, committed by His command to the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel throughout the world;

      3.8 in the personal, visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ in power and glory.



      4.1 As stated in paragraph 1, this organisational body shall be known as GILD.

      4.2 GILD will comprise of both subscribing members, contributing members as well as officers and all shall collectively be referred to as “members”.

      4.3 Successful member applicants must subscribe to the values and mission of GILD as set out in Part A, together with the Mission & Value Statement.

      4.4 All members will be subject to the regulations of the GILD CHARTER and by subscribing to GILD will be deemed to accept these regulations and codes of conduct together with any and all respective policies duly proposed and adopted by GILD.

      4.5 Any amendments to this Charter and any of its annexures must be conducted and approved at an AGM and must meet the approval of an unanimous resolution (80%) of all members, both present and through proxy.


      5.1 All applications for membership, as set out in paragraph 4.2 herein, shall be made in the prescribed manner and form set out in Form A and / or Form B to this Charter.

      5.2 The application, in keeping with Form A / Form B, shall comprise of a covering letter together with annexures that set out:

        5.2.1 The applicant’s acceptance of the GILD CHARTER;

        5.2.2 The applicant’s acceptance and liability for annual membership fees;

        5.2.3 The applicant’s acceptance and liability to attend Annual General Meetings (AGM), and where possible, to attend Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM);

        5.2.4 A list, together with clear copies, of all academic and professional qualifications, together with a list of published works and / or ongoing projects (if applicable);

        5.2.5 An updated curriculum vitae (CV) of the applicant; and

        5.2.6 Proof of identity and residence.

      5.3 Subscribing members shall be members who will have access to the online database of information housed and maintained by GILD, who have been duly accepted as subscribing members, whose membership fees are up to date and who, where applicable, have been assigned to a specific team within GILD;

      5.4 Contributing members shall be members who contributed to the online database of information housed and maintained by GILD, who have been duly accepted as contributing members and whose membership fees (if applicable) are up to date;

      5.5 Officers, who are members in terms of paragraph 4.2, shall collectively form the Executive Committee (EXCO) of GILD and shall comprise of the following:

        5.5.1 Chairperson;

        5.5.2 Deputy-Chairperson;

        5.5.3 Executive Director;

        5.5.4 Secretary;

        5.5.5 Financial Director / Treasurer (function can be undertaken by Executive Director);

        5.5.6 Co-ordinators;

        5.5.7 Team Leaders / Members (shall be a representative member of each GILD Team approved and formed).

      5.6 GILD, from the outset, has the right to incorporate into a more formal structure such as a Trust or a Company, at which point the founding officers shall be the founding trustees or directors, as the case may be.

      5.7 Members undertake to attend all AGMs, having received proper notice, unless their absence is within reason and deemed acceptable by the GILD EXCO.

      5.8 The GILD EXCO reserves the right to conduct or to allow participation in AGMs through digital or electronic mediums such as FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, etc., and will communicate same to members.

      5.9 Members shall collectively also, through the measure of the AGM or EGM, be responsible for the following:

        5.9.1 Approving of and making necessary recommendations to GILD’s current and / or prospective policies;

        5.9.2 Approve the annual report of the Chairperson;

        5.9.3 Approve the annual financial statements;

        5.9.4 Approve the appointment of auditors;

        5.9.5 Approve the annual budgets;

        5.9.6 Approve implementation and appointment of GILD Teams;

        5.9.7 Approve and determine annual membership fees and membership applications received;

      5.10 The operation, formation and function of GILD EXCO is set out in more detail below.


      6.1 A member of GILD shall cease to be a member when:

        6.1.1 A formal request for termination of membership, in writing, has been received by the registered member;

        6.1.2 The member no longer subscribes to the identity, mission and values of GILD as set out herein;

        6.1.3 The member fails to attend two consecutive AGM’s without adequate reasons as determined by EXCO;

        6.1.4 The member defaults on annual membership fees without adequate reasons as determined by EXCO;

        6.1.5 EXCO, in protecting the integrity, reputation and professional standards of GILD, deems it necessary to terminate such membership.

      6.2 When membership of a member is terminated, the member has no right and title to the use of the name GILD in any further projects, networking or publications.

      6.3 When membership has been terminated, the ex-member can make a new application for membership, but will have to do so anew and in terms of the compliance and procedural requests set out in Form A.

    7. GILD EXCO


        7.1.1 The composition of the GILD EXCO is set out in paragraph 5.5 above.

        7.1.2 With regards to paragraph 5.5.6 and 5.5.7 above, a co-ordinator and team leader, respectively, shall be non-voting members of EXCO.

        7.1.3 The positions of Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Financial Director (if applicable) shall be positions held for a term of one (1) year and there shall be no limit on the amount of terms that such person may occupy the respective position for, provided no lawful reason exists for the removal of them from such position.

        7.1.4 The position of Executive Director shall be for a minimum period of three (3) years and shall be subject to the provisions of paragraph 7.3 below.

      7.2 FUNCTION

        7.2.1 The function of EXCO shall be to:

 derive, amend, supervise and implement required and necessary programmes and policies in order to fulfil the function of GILD holistically;

 carry out and execute all duties and responsibilities attributable to the respective office held and in keeping with GILD’s vision and value statement contained in this Charter;

 appoint all personnel as and when necessary for the effective operation of GILD’s objectives and conducting of business in the ordinary sense;

 receive and approve reports of the Executive Director and of the GILD Teams;

 preparation and submission of annual reports to members and interested third parties;

 preparation and implementation of annual budgets;

 overseeing of proper accounting and financial management

 preparation and facilitation of AGM and EMG as required;

 appointment and construction of GILD Teams as shall be necessary in keeping with the mission and values of GILD in order to fulfil the practical function and operations of GILD generally;

 attending to all disciplinary action against its members.


        7.3.1 Whereas nominations and appointments for officers can be made generally by members, the nomination and appointment of the Executive Director shall be made solely by Christian Relief International (CRI) or its appointed agent.

        7.3.2 Christian Relief International (CRI) is a founding member of GILD and this right of appointment shall exist indefinitely. Any amendment to the appointment process or procedure of the Executive Director must first obtain the written consent and approval of CRI.

        7.3.3 The appointment of the Executive Director can be either on a full-time or part-time basis and such person appointed shall be responsible for:

 coordinating the work of EXCON;

 coordinating of and oversight of the work of the various coordinators and GILD Team leaders;

 marketing, fundraising, networking and liaising with various interested parties;

 general administration function and oversight of operations of GILD.

      7.4 GENERAL

        7.4.1 EXCO meetings can be conducted in person or electronically and shall be called when convenient and expedient to do so.

        7.4.2 EXCO shall make all attempts and undertake all endeavours to consult with its members appropriately, and were convenient to do so, in the fulfilment of its main function, but shall not be required to do so in the day-to-day business function and ordinary daily activities of GILD.

        7.4.3 EXCO will conduct all matters with the highest degree of professional conduct taking into consideration all applicable laws and regulations.

Form A Form B