Global Institute for Leadership and Development

GILD seeks to assist the Church, universally, by developing and empowering leaders through the provision of theological education.



GILD aims to assist members by:

    a. Facilitating further education for the development of leadership in the Church;

    b. Creation of an online distance-learning database accessible to all participating members;

    c. Providing a complete database of academic literature, lectures and necessary resources elevant to GILD;

    d. Upgrading of academic standards and institutional capacity-building;

    e. Developing and enhancing research within and among participating members;

    f. Serving as a platform for the maintenance of an interconnected association of theological institutions;

    g. Promotion of theological education;

    h. Development of skills for Christian presence in the public sphere.


GILD aims to:

    a. Demonstrate unity and koinonia in Christ;

    b. Declare the praises of God who called us out of the darkness into His wonderful light and proclaim this good news to all;

    c. Practice and promote love and forgiveness, justice and peace;

    d. Serve the needs of the world by reaching out to all who suffer;

    e. Urging those in authority to use the power given to them to the honour and glory of god and to the benefit of those entrusted to their care;

    f. Intercede for all humankind and the whole of creation;

    g. Accept new Christians for who they are and journey together with them from the place where they are at;

    h. Emphasising the experience of suffering and people’s expressions of faith within their local contexts.