International Consultation on Relevance of Christian Management in a Post-Pandemic World

Concept Note

The year 2020 will be remembered in the annals of history as a year when the world witnessed one of the fiercest pandemics it had ever seen. The new year 2021 dawned with signs of relief, as the vaccines, which were developed in record time, began to be administered in various parts of the world. With this, there is hope that though the virus may be around for years, the pandemic will turn to become endemic in a few months’ time. Thus, the world now is transitioning from the pandemic period to the post-pandemic period.

One year of the pandemic has drastically affected the way in which people live today by significantly impacting the organisational environment landscape such as economic, social, technological, which is still evolving. The VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) has come to its grandest display. When the world moves into the post-pandemic period, it will embrace a quite different eco-system from what it had prior to as well as during the pandemic.

It is imperative for the management of organisations to take a closer look at the way in which the post-pandemic world is unfolding and formulate appropriate strategies to manage change. The time-tested management systems may not work as the philosophies under which such theories were developed may not hold true today. It is time to go deeper into the unchanging values and philosophy of the Author of the world, as revealed in the Word of God and the experiences of the faithful, and bring in a paradigm shift to effectively manage the change and thrive amid the new realities.

As the world is going through critical times, it is crucial for management thinkers, theologians and practitioners to reflect together on the relevance of Christian Management in a post-pandemic world. In this context, the Christian Institute of Management in collaboration with Global Institute for Leadership Development is hosting a unique consultation to understand management from a Christian perspective at a deeper level, reflect on the unfolding world and to find models to drive change in organisations, using biblically sound principles and methods.

Date and Time

April 15, 22, 29 & May 6 (Four consecutive Thursdays) from 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm BST / 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm IST / 8.30 pm – 10.00 pm PHT / 2.30 pm – 4 pm SAST.

For Whom

  • Faculty Members of Theological Institutions
  • Management Faculty members of Universities
  • NPO leaders
  • Research Scholars
  • Other Thought Leaders

The participants need to register themselves in consultation webpage Those who attend all the sessions will receive a certificate of participation.


The consultation will be virtual, and will include panel-based academic paper presentations with a moderator and three presenters for each session. Each panellist will present for 20 minutes with the support of presentation software like MS PowerPoint. After the three presentations, there will be discussion on the papers presented for 20 minutes.  The panel will consist of theological and management faculty members as well as other practitioners.

The papers will be uploaded in the consultation webpage and the link (non-downloadable format) will be circulated to the participants, which will be available for viewing for a limited period. The papers will be published as an edited book.

Consultation Aims

  • The delegates would be convinced of the significance of Christian Management in a post-pandemic world
  • The theological faculty members would be motivated to teach Christian Management subjects in their institutions
  • Researchers would be facilitated to foster research and publications
  • The practitioners would be equipped to strategise effectively and manage change in their organisations

Contact us for more details and Registration

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(The topics of the papers are indicative, the final wordings may vary) Week 1 (15 April 2021) – Demystifying Christian Management Purpose – To have a deeper understanding of Christian Management

Moderator – Dr. Zenet Maramara, (President, Christian Stewardship Association, Manila, Philippines)

  1. Christian Approach to Management – Dr. Aby Alexandar (Director, C&P, CIM)
  2. Deconstructing Management Principles for Christian Missions– Dr. Prasad Phillips (Coordinator GILD, UK)
  3. Christian Management in Practice: A Compliance Perspective – Dr. Gary Hoag (President, Global Trust Partners, USA)

Week 2 (22 April 2021) – Post-Pandemic World – Challenges and Opportunities for Organisational Management

Purpose – To scan the environment in order to gain greater insights on the unfolding world with the purpose of effectively managing organisations

Moderator – Dr. Sara Afshari (OCRPL, UK)

  1. Technological Perspective – Dr. Anand Samuel (Former Vice Chancellor, VIT University)
  2. Economic Perspective – Dr. James Daniel (Finance Director, CEI, Abu Dhabi)
  3. Social Perspective – Mr. Hendrik Storm (Treasurer, OCRPL, UK)

Week 3 (29 April 2021) – Change Management in a VUCA World

Purpose – To provide strategic inputs on managing change in the transition from the pandemic to the post-pandemic period

Moderator – Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, (Executive Director, OCRPL, UK)

  1. Strategy Development- Dr. David Jawahar (Dean, Research, XIME, Chennai)
  2. Innovation & Creativity – Dr. Paul Swamidass (Prof. Emr., Auburn University, USA)
  3. Re-Skilling – Dr. Paul Prathap Jayaraj (Principal Consultant, Abba, Chennai)

Week 4 (6 May 2021) – Approaches to Christian Management in a Post-Pandemic World

Purpose – To propose models and resources of Christian Management which can transform organisations and communities in the post-pandemic world

Moderator – Mr. Anand Joshua (Executive Director, CIM, India)

  1. Ethical Management – Prof. David Kinnon, (Principal, FD Center Ltd. Scotland)
  2. Governance – Dr. Marina B Marwein (Dean, Faculty of Economics, Commerce & Management, MLCU, Shillong)
  3. Management Hermeneutics – Dr. Johnson Thomaskutty (Dean, Biblical Studies, UBS, Pune)

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