Introduction to the Course

This online course has been written to help Christians to know what the religion of Islam teaches and to understand the worldview of Muslim people.  

It is the first book in a planned series.  Other titles in the series will focus on other subjects, such as how to share the love of Jesus with Muslims, how to care for converts from Islam, and comparing Islamic theology with Christian theology.  Islam and Christianity are very different, as all the books will show.  But Muslim people and Christian people are all human beings.  Muslims and Christians value goodness and kindness and can live in peace together, as they have done for centuries in some places. Christians must always love Muslims with the love of Christ. 

The aim of this course is for Christians to learn how different Islam is from Christianity and to be aware of how Islam has spread across the world, both in the past and now.  The last chapter looks at how to share the Gospel with Muslims. Finally, there is a glossary explaining the meaning of some Islamic words.  The chapters include Bible readings.  These are there to give a Christian perspective on each chapter. 

This can be used by an individual for personal study, or church leaders can use it to train a group, perhaps in 13 weekly sessions or at a training conference.  

At the end of each chapter there are questions, with space for answers to be written.  If the study guide is being used to train a group, the leader should use the questions to create discussions and debates. These questions are only suggestions and a leader may wish to leave some out or add others.  

If the material is to be used as a weekly face to face group study in an actual place or online/virtual meeting (one can use google hangouts, WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype or another free software that is available and you are familiar with. Group leaders may think of structuring each weekly session as follows:

  • Open the meeting with a prayer
  • Recap last week’s chapter
  • Give a talk on this week’s chapter
  • Lead a group discussion using the questions as a guide
  • Encourage prayer and worship

For more information, please contact: Dr Prasad Phillips: admin@gildlearning.org