This online study guide has been developed to help give Christians some guidance on what the correct and appropriate responses to Islam should be.

This is the second online version in the series. It may be useful, but not essential, to familiarise yourself with the first book Unveiled: A Christian Study Guide to Islam. Unveiled is an introduction to the religion of Islam and covered such topics as the Quran, Muhammad, and the five pillars of Islam. Engage: Christian Responses to Islam focuses on the influences that Islam is having in the world and in Africa in particular. It goes on to discuss the various responses to Islam that we as Christians have available to us. The common theme throughout the book is that whatever our response it should be based on love.

The aim of this online study guide is for Christians to learn that there is not one single response to Islam but many. What is an appropriate response in one situation may not be very helpful in another. Various types of responses are discussed and the guide helps the reader to decide which would be the best response for a particular situation.

This online guide also shows that responding is not only the responsibility of those in leadership but we can all respond in some way. In fact, most of the responses in the book are things that should be part of normal Christian life
anyway. We do not need to wait to be challenged by Islam before we start to do these things.

The guide can be used by an individual for personal study, or church leaders can use it to train a group, perhaps in 12 weekly sessions or at a training conference. An example of a time-table for a three-day conference is given on page six.

At the end of each chapter there are questions in the form of a quiz and finally discussion questions, with space for answers to be written. If the study guide is being used to train a group in a tutorial, the leader should use the PowerPoints for their presentation and questions to create discussions and debates either on an online forum or through face-to-face tutorials. These questions are only suggestions and a leader may wish to leave some out or add others.

If the material is to be used as weekly tutorials with a face-to-face or online interaction, leaders may think of structuring each weekly session as follows:

■ Open the meeting with a prayer
■ Recap last week’s chapter
■ Give a talk on this week’s chapter
■ Lead a group discussion using the questions as a guide
■ Encourage prayer and worship

The leader will find it helpful to spend time in preparation before each session: to study the material well enough to give a talk on it, and to pray for the Lord’s guidance and protection.

This guide briefly covers many areas and issues related to what Muslims believe and do. However, it is only a basic introduction. For those who would like to learn more about Islam, there are some suggestions for further reading below.